Donkey Wallpaper New Tab Theme

If you want to change the look of your browser, use Donkey Wallpaper New Tab Theme. Donkey wallpaper new tab theme provides a new custom page and bookmarks for chrome apps that can be added with just one click. You’ll get all this at no cost! If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend … Read more

Animal Jam Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Animal Jam wallpaper new tab theme extension replaces your regular New Tab. It offers great wallpapers of the game and has an animal jam background below the search bar with deals, a weather widget on the top left corner to change background images, favourite backgrounds that can be saved in settings as default wallpaper for … Read more

Zebra Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Get incredible HD images of Zebra with Zebra wallpaper new tab Theme. Every time you open a new tab, get an inspiring photo and start your day off right! Stay up to date on your work by getting organized. Zebra wallpapers offer a wide range of high-definition wallpaper images of the most majestic zebra. You … Read more

Whale Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install]

Whale Wallpaper New Tab Theme: With a tap of your finger, you can get the perfect images to captivate and inspire. Whales New Tab is here for every new day with HD wallpapers so beautiful they’ll take your breath away! Every time you open a new tab, the Whales New Tab extension will show an … Read more

Turtle Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Are you a fan of turtles? Download Turtle wallpaper new tab theme to have all the best wallpapers for your desktop, including HD and 4K resolution. You can also enjoy watching images in slideshow style or shuffling between favourites! We update with new content every week so be sure to check back often. There are … Read more

Red Panda Wallpaper New Tab Theme

If you’re feeling like a red panda, get your paws on Red panda wallpaper new tab theme extension! First off, enjoy HD-quality wallpapers of these naturally fluffy animals. You can shuffle all the pics or just favourite ones. And if that’s not enough – add other free add-on themes to spice up your new tab … Read more

Penguin Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Penguins are one of the most entertaining and lovable animals. Get a new wallpaper for your home screen with Penguin wallpaper New Tab Theme And Backgrounds! With every search, you can see some cool penguin games on this theme. The best part is when clicking the Settings button there’s an option to turn off Date … Read more

Hummingbird Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Hummingbird wallpaper new tab theme is perfect for hummingbird lovers. You’ll enjoy a different wallpaper every time you open up your browser’s tab with this extension! Pick from stunning backgrounds of beautiful birds or customize the experience by choosing one of many themes available in our gallery. With a simple design and smooth effects, Hummingbird … Read more