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Are you bored with the by default home page of Chrome browser?

Do you want to change it with your favorite wallpaper? is one of the best Website for Chrome New Tab Theme. 

Here you will find all types of new tab themes like- Animal, Anime, Car, Film, Game, Movies, Scenery Landscapes ,Wallpaper

Structure Of Our Chrome Themes

Home Page
Wallpaper Collection



Movie Character
Game Character

Our Themes Features

1. Home Page

Hello guys, Welcome to our site, Here you can find all the new tab wallpaper theme chrome extension in which you see all the wallpaper that you installed in that categories.

We have a huge collection of new tab wallpaper theme . All the new tab chrome extension are listed here. 

In all chrome extension you can get all the features that you find in the best quality browser. All the wallpaper are unique and Full HD. You can also play world top online HTML games for free in your free time.

2. Wallpaper Collection

The gives you the best & unique wallpaper. All the wallpapers are soo attractive and filtered soo our user cannot get bored while seeing it.

You an also add or remove the wallpaper in new tab chrome extension. Every time when you open the new tab of the google chrome browser, the new wallpaper will be appeared. You can also select and organize the wallpaper according to your choice. 

The wallpaper give you the best experience while surfing the internet.

3. Apps

Here you can find the best top social media apps where you can chat with everyone whenever you want. Just click on the social media icon to save save your time.

You can also use the Top e-commerce site for shopping and purchase your product while surfing Internet.

All the google apps that is pre provided by google is also here.

4. Games

You can find all TOP Categories html game like :-

  1. Sandbox
  2. Real-time strategy (RTS)
  3. Shooters (FPS and TPS)
  4. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  5. Role-playing (RPG, ARPG, and More)
  6. Simulation and sports
  7. Puzzlers and party games
  8. Action-adventure
  9. Survival and horror
  10. Platformer

4. More Features

Notes:- Just create and save your notes while surfing internet. A simple notes extension, right in your chrome browser! Easily copy around a few words to and from different chrome windows and other apps.

To Do List:- New Tab Todo List is a friendly space for your lists, outlines, and teams. Use it as your simple to-do list and task manager. You can instantly make a list and share it with your friends, family, and team.

Bookmarks:- This extensions allows you to access your bookmarks by clicking on the left side your screen. You can edit, delete or rearrange your bookmarks by drag & drop and view some information about them by just clicking them with your left mouse key.

Random Wallpaper:- Fetch a random wallpaper from an online source and set it as a desktop background. The desktop background can be updated periodically or manually.

Special Effects:- Our new tab extension allow you to access the special effects like Snowfall, wind flow etc. You can edit time and clear your extra stuff from the new tab.

Search Engine Text Area:- Just customize your engine search size according to your comfort.

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Our Theme Layouts

We have the best and top layout for you. You can choose anyone from those. All the layout contain games and top sites like features.




The contain all the features that you like the most, the user feedback is very valuable for us. We always update our sites according to the user need’s. 

All the extension is very lightweight and contain the best new tab extension for you & it is fully loaded with games. The extension gives you the best experience and unique wallpaper new tab chrome extension.