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  • 1. Question: How to choose a background image for New Tab page?


  • Click the Setting ⚙️ icon in the top-left corner, after open then again click on Background Button.
  • and you are able to change to background Images. [Click on the image to change the background]
  • Click on Setting Button

  • 2. Question: How to show bookmarks (favorite links)?


You can use the keyboard 36 hour cialis shortcuts “Ctrl + Shift + b” (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) or “⌘ + Shift + b” (Mac OS). Or you can follow the steps below to show/hide bookmarks bar.

  • At the top right corner of the browser, click More More.
  • Select Bookmarks and then Show Bookmarks Bar.

  • 3. Question: I installed a new theme and it doesn’t change. Why?

Answer: Only one theme at a time is allowed in Chrome, so you must uninstall active theme before adding a new theme.

  • 4. Question: How to remove the NewTab themes?

Answer: Update Soon

  • 5. Question: How to Play Web Games?
  • Click the Game 🎮 icon in thetop-left corner, you see much more games.
  • If you love any games then click on name Or Logo Then play Online.