Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Flandre Scarlet wallpaper new tab theme is a chrome plugin that enhances your browser with high-quality wallpaper backdrops. It improves your browser’s appearance and includes various fun features such as to-do lists and reminders.

Get the Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper New Tab theme and enhance your surfing session with Beautiful wallpaper themes featuring Flandre Scarlet.

What is Flandre Scarlet wallpaper new tab theme?

The new tab theme for Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper is a chrome extension that runs on all chrome-enabled platforms. It includes a high-definition wallpaper of Touhou Project video game character Flandre Scarlet. Users can customize their backgrounds according to their preferences.

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Each homepage screen features a high-definition background of Flandre Scarlet, which changes whenever a user opens a new tab. To make customers feel more comfortable, it includes a variety of functions like reminders and to-do lists.

Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper New Tab Theme
Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Features of Flandre Scarlet wallpaper new tab theme

  • 1. Reminders and to-do lists to ensure that you don’t overlook critical jobs
  • 2. To save your time, a quick link to all previously visited websites is provided.
  • 3. When you start a new tab, the wallpaper switches.
  • 4. weather and time features keep you updated.
  • 5. Access all of your social media accounts from a single location.
  • 6. Customize your browser’s background according to your preferences.
  • 7. A visually appealing collection of high-definition wallpapers.
  • 8. You may shuffle the backgrounds or pick your favourite.

About Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet is Remilia Scarlet’s youngest sister and the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s “dirty little secret.” She has been forced to remain at the house for over 495 years due to her mental instability.

She hasn’t seen any living creatures except Sakuya Izayoi until she encountered Marisa Kirisame or Flandre Scarlet in Avatar of Scarlet Devil.

Flandre is generally pleasant and peaceful but has been characterized as “a little crazy.” While she is not frequently furious, she is highly odd, which makes her tough to comprehend by others.

Flandre, like Remilia Scarlet, has supernatural powers, including heightened brute ability, the lethal force of oni, the nimbleness of tengu, and the physiological and regenerating qualities of a vamp.

Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper New Tab Theme
Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper New Tab Theme

How to download Flandre Scarlet wallpaper new tab theme

  • Open Chrome web store
  • Search Flandre Scarlet new tab theme wallpaper
  • Click on download and add to chrome button.
  • Please wait for some time to get it installed.
  • Restart your browser and bless your eyes with some suitable Flandre Scarlet HD wallpaper


Therefore, if you’re a fan of Touhou Project’s Flandre Scarlet and searching for a way to brighten up your surfing session, you consider installing the Flandre Scarlet wallpaper new tab theme. It has high-resolution backgrounds that will suit your vision.

To make surfing more accessible, it also has various fun features that will enhance your browsing experience.

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