Horse Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Do you have a Horse wallpaper new tab theme? There are many to choose from, including all types of horses like Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. If not, take your pick at random or shuffle through the images that display your favourite breeds only! All wallpapers were last updated with high definition pictures for 2021 so they’ll look as stunning on any desktop background.

Updated HD wallpapers for all types of horses are coming soon, including the Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horse American Arabian and Shetland ponies!

What is Horse wallpaper new tab theme

Love horses? Install this Horse wallpaper new tab theme and enjoy new HD wallpaper of beautiful horses in every new tab. Start your browsing with a wonderful randomly selected wallpaper of a beautiful horse! 

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Gorgeous selection of handpicked HD horses wallpapers – Links to most visited, bookmarks, history and more – Randomly selected horses wallpaper for each new tab. Clean interface without distracting elements Works offline (no internet required)

Features of Horse wallpaper new tab theme

  • Best HD Horse wallpapers & screensavers. Show current date and time automatically.
  • Include a link to any or all of your regularly frequented websites.
  • You can mix or select their preferred wallpaper background.
  • Each time you open a brand new tab, a fresh background is shown.
  • Keep track of Date & TIme at the top-right corner.
  • You can even set a horse background in your taskbar.
  • Includes features like a To-Do List and a reminder.
  • You may use sticky notes.

About Horse

Horses have been around us for a really, very long time. They can be four-legged animals who love humans as much as we love them. Have you ever tried to ride one? Horses are amazing creatures with great hearing and vision that make it possible for them to sense balance at all times!

Horses have fantastic listening skills, eyesight and an incredible sense of equilibrium: these all enable the animal to navigate their environment efficiently and be more aware when something’s not quite right around them.

How to download Horse wallpaper new tab theme

  • Open Chrome Web Store
  • Search Horse Wallpaper New Tab Theme on the chrome bar
  • Click on the download button.
  • The extension will be added and you’ll be able to see it.
  • Wait for a while to get installed.
  • Now Restart your browser & there you go.


A horse is a majestic animal, and some of us may not even know the full range of their expressions. Get to know them with this beautiful randomly selected wallpaper for every new tab! Horse wallpaper new tab theme is an excellent choice for the people who love Horses.

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