Sakuya Izayoi Wallpaper New Tab Theme

If you’re an Anime Enthusiast, and if you want to enhance your online surfing routine by downloading attractive wallpapers, then in that situation, Sakuya Izayoi wallpaper new tab theme may be your best option for getting high-quality desktop wallpapers and browser backgrounds.

This theme includes a collection of high-definition wallpapers of Sakuya Izayoi that will delight your senses. It is accessible with all Chrome-enabled devices. Therefore, get the Sakuya Izayoi Wallpaper new tab theme to customise your internet experience.

What is Sakuya Izayoi wallpaper new tab theme?

The new tab page for Sakuya Izayoi Wallpaper includes a chrome extension that consists of a high-definition wallpaper of Sakuya Izayoi from the anime series Touhou Project.

The theme comes along with the finest high-resolution wallpapers that will drive you insane. Additionally, it includes a sticky note and a quick link to all standard web pages. It is entirely free for everyone who uses Chrome.

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HD wallpaper is available on both the main homepage and the new tab screen as soon as one is opened. It is compatible with all Chrome-enabled devices.

Features of Sakuya Izayoi wallpaper new tab theme

  • 1. The home screen has sticky notes and reminder alarms.
  • 2. On the home screen, you may readily access a link to all frequently visited websites.
  • 3. Possesses a sizable selection of high-definition wallpapers of Sakuya Izayoi.
  • 4. You may shuffle the backgrounds or pick a favourite.
  • 5. Access to all of your social media platforms from the tab
  • 6. It is searchable. Open a browser and search for whatever you choose.
  • 7. Each tab features a unique wallpaper of Sakuya Izayoi.
  • 8. A to-do list to ensure that you don’t forget anything crucial.

About Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya Izayoi is the Head Servant of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Despite featuring in several games, she is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious characters.

She serves for her boss, Sakuya Izayoi, and appears to be the mansion’s sole occupant. She possesses the ability to alter time. She is then known to suspend blades in midair and rewind time to allow them to glide at her prey.

Freezing time is also an efficient technique to complete a significant amount of housekeeping work in a short period. Because virtually everyone who lives or works at the estate is a maid, Sakuya holds almost little power within the estate.

How to download Sakuya Izayoi wallpaper new tab theme

  • Open Chrome web store
  • Search Sakuya Izayoi new tab theme wallpaper
  • Click on download and add to chrome button.
  • Please wait for some time to get it installed.
  • Restart your browser and bless your eyes with some suitable Sakuya Izayoi HD wallpaper


Download Sakuya Izayoi ‘s new tab theme and customise your browser with HD Sakuya Izayoi wallpapers. It offers a variety of wallpaper options. Additionally, it has a variety of intriguing features like sticky notes, reminder notifications, and more.

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