Stingray Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Chrome’s default new tab page is boring and doesn’t have many features. But fortunately, there’s Stingray Wallpaper New Tab Theme which helps you customize your browser to look however you want it! Whether that means changing the wallpaper or playing games by clicking on each app every time a new one pops up – this theme has it all. So go ahead and install now for free from the Chrome Web Store!

Stingray Wallpaper Custom Themes are available in the chrome store with the latest HD images of stingrays, Install this theme & change the user interface on daily basis.

What is Stingray wallpaper new tab theme

Stingray wallpaper new tab theme Chrome extension brings all the best Stingray Wallpaper New Tab Themes and wallpapers directly into your browser, with just a simple click.

With this installed, you’ll be able to enjoy browsing in style! To add it yourself: simply go to the chrome web store page here, where there are many other great features that can help make surfing even more fun like weather or stock updates for today’s forecast. If you already have any of these extensions, no problem – they will work together seamlessly. 

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Features of Stingray wallpaper new tab theme

  • Stingray wallpapers & screensavers with Mesmerising underwater scenery 
  • Show current date and time automatically.
  • Include a link to all of your regularly frequented websites.
  • Keep track of Date & TIme at the top-right corner.
  • Includes features such as a To-Do List and a reminder.
  • Sticky notes give an underwater feel in the taskbar. 
  • Users can mix or select their preferred wallpaper background.
  • Each time you open a new tab, a fresh background is shown.

About Stingray

Stingrays are flat and have broad fins that run the length of their body, giving them a shape like an oval. To move through water, stingrays use their tail flapping motion to propel themselves while other species create wave-like motions in order to swim. Some kinds of stingrays even fly or flap their wings with enough force for propulsion as they glide effortlessly across oceans without much effort at all due to this specific adaptation unique only found within certain subspecies and not others. Sting rays’ tails contain venom which can be very harmful when coming into contact with humans but it is also used by scientists who extract toxins from these spines so medicine containing such natural substances can benefit humanity on many levels including healthcare, pharmaceuticals etc.

How to download Stingray wallpaper new tab theme

  • Open Chrome Web Store
  • Search Stingray Wallpaper New Tab Theme on the chrome bar
  • Click on the download button.
  • The extension will be added and you’ll be able to see it.
  • Wait for a while to get installed.
  • Now Restart your browser. Boom!


Stingray wallpaper new tab theme extension makes your surfing experience even better. It allows you to have a new tab page that is full of the wallpaper you love, as well as add weather reports or stocks for the day if desired. The possibilities are endless!

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