The 5 Best Apps to Track Your Employees -

The 5 Best Apps to Track Your Employees

  • Employee tracking apps help you streamline your employees’ accountability, client billing and multi-location supervision.
  • The best time and attendance apps are When I Work, TimeClick, OnTheClock, Clockify and ADP.
  • The best GPS employee tracking apps are QuickBooks Time, Timesheet Mobile, allGeo, Timeero and Hubstaff.
  • This article is for small business owners looking into employee-tracking apps.

Knowing exactly when your employees are working and what exactly they are working on can be difficult for business owners juggling multiple employees. That’s why many turn to employee tracking apps. Employees can use these apps to clock in and out of work and indicate what projects they are working on. Some also allow your team to tag their work hours by client, and others include location-based tracking. With so many employee tracking apps and time and attendance systems available, it is important to understand what you want to track and why when you’re choosing a solution for your business.

Time and attendance tracking apps

1. OnTheClock

OnTheClock includes all the fundamental employee tracking features at a modest price point, and its customer reviews are excellent.

Best features:

  • Shift scheduling
  • Clock-in and clock-out time adjustments
  • Automated breaks and timecards
  • Employee alerts and reminders
  • Billing tools and integrations
  • Tip, overtime and payroll reports
2. When I Work

When I Work is an ideal option for businesses looking for shift-scheduling tools. Some When I Work plans include additional features such as paid time-off (PTO) management, photo clock-in (which ensures that onsite employees don’t clock in for absent ones) and overtime alerts.

Best features:

  • Schedule builder
  • Hours scheduled vs. hours worked
  • Labor costing
  • Confirmation that employees have viewed their schedules
  • Pay rules and schedule requirements
  • Attendance and timesheet reports
  • Overtime alerts
3. TimeClick

TimeClick is best suited for traditional offices and 9-to-5 teams, given its clock-in and clock-out, overtime, and PTO capabilities. This is an on-premises software solution.

Best features:

  • Employee database
  • Records of hours worked, including overtime
  • PTO and holiday management
  • Night-shift function
  • Option to input and edit mass entries for employees working the same shift
  • Modifications to time records
  • Employee messaging
4. Clockify

Clockify is ideal for tracking remote employees. Employees can use it via desktop app, mobile app or web browser to track their hours worked by project. Clockify is also well known for its PTO features and integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) software and project management apps.

Best features:

  • Manual or timed employee tracking by client and project
  • Dashboard of employee activities, including time off and breaks
  • Time-off tracking, with several categories
  • Extensive integrations and Zapier API
  • Setup checklist for easy start
5. ADP

ADP is best known as a leading payroll provider and professional employer organization (PEO), but it also offers comprehensive time and attendance software. ADP’s time and attendance features allow you to oversee productivity, cost controls, compliance and schedules. Additionally, if you use ADP for your payroll or other HR services, the time and attendance software integrates seamlessly with your other ADP tools.

Best features:

  • Labor reporting compliance
  • Time-off tracking, including paid sick leave
  • Online schedule management
  • Optional facial recognition clock-in and clock-out functionality
  • Lateness and absence tracking
  • Overtime tracking