Wolf Wallpaper New Tab Theme

The wolf is a majestic creature and you can be as well with these amazing HD wallpapers from Wolf Wallpaper new tab theme. All are hand-picked so they’re guaranteed to leave an impact on your desktop screen! You have the option of choosing which one should show up when new tabs open, or just let it rotate randomly–the choice is yours! 

The interface has been carefully designed to not get in the way of what matters most: images (and text). There’s no better reason for going offline than this clean app that allows you to admire wolves without distraction from other elements. Additionally, it includes features like reminders, fast access to previously viewed websites, weather and time widget, and more. You can set it such a way Each time you open a new tab, you may consider a unique background.

What is Wolf wallpaper new tab theme

Do you love wolves? The wild dog-like animal is beautiful, strong and independent. Wolves HD Wallpapers New Tab Theme will give you tons of stunning images that are high definition to make your day more beautiful. You can personalize everything on the theme as well for a unique experience with our extension!

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Wolf, the mighty predator that some people still believe is a danger to society. But you’ll never be scared away by this tamed wolf wallpaper! These HD pictures are handpicked and show wolves in their natural habitat: lounging on top of rocks or running through tall grasses with playful cubs at their side. It puts an end to centuries-old misconceptions about these animals while showing off how majestic they truly can be!

Features of Wolf wallpaper new tab theme

  • Handpicked Full HD wolf wallpapers.
  • Links to most visited, bookmarks, history and more (you can choose which one to show/hide)
  • You can Randomize the selection of wallpaper for each new tab.
  • Vibrant yet simple interface.
  • I work offline as well.
  • Clean Browsing experience 
  • Keep track of Date & TIme at the top-right corner.
  • Includes features such as a To-Do List and a reminder.
  • Each time you open a new tab, a fresh background is shown.
  • Include a link to all of your regularly frequented websites.
  • Users can mix or select their preferred wallpaper background.

About Wolf wallpaper new tab theme

Wolves are famous for ferocious howls, which they use to communicate. A lone wolf howls in order to entice the attention of his packmates; meanwhile, communal messages may be passed from one territory’s wolves to another via a chorus of overlapping calls that send territorial warnings or declarations into other packs’ territories. Some vocalizations can even act as confrontational challenges – very similar in sound and intent to domestic dogs barking at each other across backyards when someone is on your turf! 

How to download Wolf wallpaper new tab theme

  • Open Chrome Web Store
  • Search on the chrome bar
  • Download by clicking on the download button 
  • The extension will be added and you’ll be able to see it.
  • Wait for a while to get installed.
  • Now Restart your browser. Done.


Wolf Wallpaper new tab theme is the go-to extension for Wolf enthusiasts. You can find some of the most creative and wonderful artwork from all over, and then save your favourites to enjoy them at any time you please! The app also shuffles through different wallpaper backgrounds every now and again so that there’s always something fresh on hand.

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