Ferret Wallpaper New Tab Theme

Ferret Wallpaper new tab theme brings you a large variety of high definition images of ferrets. You can launch a slideshow and enjoy an awesome wallpaper animation. With this, scrolling through your screen will look like the best trip ever! We add new pictures regularly so make sure to check back for more updates on our site!

What is Ferret wallpaper new tab theme

Having a hard time picking the perfect ferret wallpaper for your browser? We have plenty of pictures of ferrets that you can select from. With our new tab extension, we bring high definition images to you with ease! You don’t even need to type in any search words – just scroll through all available wallpapers and pick one out or create an animated slideshow featuring them instead. 

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There are also features such as shuffle favourites only so if there’s ever been a more difficult decision on which picture is best then this will make it easier. The options go beyond just selecting what photo looks right though.

Features of Ferret wallpaper new tab theme

  • Ferret wallpapers & screensavers with Mesmerising underwater scenery 
  • Show current date and time automatically.
  • Include a link to all of your regularly frequented websites.
  • Keep track of Date & TIme at the top-right corner.
  • Includes features such as a To-Do List and a reminder.
  • Sticky notes give an underwater feel in the taskbar. 
  • Users can mix or select their preferred wallpaper background.
  • Each time you open a new tab, a fresh background is shown.

About Ferret

Ferrets are very diverse creatures that have been known to be both pets and pests. They vary in size from being the same size as a rabbit, all the way up to twice their original weight by adulthood! Some ferret breeds only come in dark-eyed white or black sable colourings but others can also include cinnamon, chocolate or silver with unique markings such as dots around their nose and eyes. Ferrets may seem like ordinary animals at first glance; however, they exhibit many interesting qualities not found in other mustelids like wolverines, ermines and minks – mainly its long tail which is used primarily for balance when running through tunnels after prey.

Once the only mammals in North America that lived exclusively on insects and other small animals, black-footed ferrets were thought to be extinct until they were rediscovered among a population of prairie dogs. However, two disease outbreaks have wiped out most of their numbers since then; but with recent reintroduction efforts from 2006 onwards, these beautiful furry creatures are making an exciting comeback!

How to download Ferret wallpaper new tab theme

  • Open Chrome Web Store
  • Search Ferret Wallpaper New Tab Theme on the chrome bar
  • Click on the download button.
  • The extension will be added and you’ll be able to see it.
  • Wait for a while to get installed.
  • Now Restart your browser. Boom!


The perfect ferret wallpaper new tab theme to add some life and colour to your desktop. You’ll never be bored again thanks to these lively little critters and their habitats in all sorts of different settings: from forests at night lit up by moonlight while exploring as well as camping under stars during daytime, over tranquil lakes where they love playing around.

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